Competition Winner

Our Twitter competition has reached it’s target so it’s time to reveal the lucky winners.

Our Twitter competition soon reached it’s retweet target so we’ve been busy trying to think of a clever (and not boring) way to select the overall winner.  The best suggestion was From Colin J Appleby and we are working on this for next time. Thank you Colin.

As accountants you can imagine we’ve not come up with tons of ideas but here we are, giving away yet another free tax return!

5 randomly selected ‘potential’ winners have been chosen and are listed below. The winner will receive a completely free tax return but this time it’s a lttle trickier to claim your prize and you need to take part a little further.

In the past when we’ve given away free advice to non clients, we’ve not asked them for money but we’ve asked them to donate to charity instead. This has felt great for us, so in order to claim this months competition prize, the lucky winner will be the first person out of the 5 below to tweet us a selfie, or even better a video, with the hashtag #theataccounts of them either;

1. Placing £5 or more into a charity box.  You know the sort.


2. Giving £5 or more to a homeless person.

We think it’s a huge prize (some say we’re crazy) with a value of at least £200 so it sure is worth it.

The following 5 lucky people are up against each other, so go, go, go…  if anyone would like to give them a nudge, feel free;

Ashley M A Walsh @ashleymawalsh

Dave Bagnall @DaveChaos

Lizzie Patrick @lizziepatrick

Sam Murphy @SamMurphy91

Danielle Morris @DaniMorris

Good luck!

If you’re not a winner but still want to take part, go for it 🙂

If anyone has any suggestions for future competitions, feel free to let us know.

Enjoy your weekend and if you’re a winner, don’t be shy.



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