It Could Be You

Call us crazy, but we love a good giveaway! Make sure you watch the Lotto draw on Saturday and read below to see if you could be a lucky winner!

Call us crazy, but we love a good giveaway! Our FREE tax return* retweet competition has been as popular as ever with 59 of you retweeting it for your chance to win.

You know we’re always trying to come up with original ways to announce the results and this time we’re going for something a little different…

The National Lottery has increased to 59 balls – and nobody’s won the jackpot yet! Apparently the extra balls decrease your odds of winning the jackpot from one in 14 million to one in 45 million. Something i’m not happy about, particularly with my direct debit already doubling recently!

Your chances of hitting the jackpot might be slim, but 59 of you retweeted the competition so we thought we’d have a little lotto of our own. Each of you have been assigned a number (have a look at the table below) – whoever matches the bonus ball in Saturday night’s draw (17 October) will win the free tax return…it could be you!

You’ve got a one in 59 chance, so that’s much better odds than winning those lottery millions, but if you do buy the lucky ticket don’t forget your old friends here at Theataccounts 😉

Good luck everyone!


Lucky Number Name Twitter Handle
1 Laura Marie Benson @LauMarieSmith
2 Katie Shearman @KatieShearman
3 AH Management @AHM_agency
4 Roxana Lupu @RoxanneLupu
5 Tom Boucher @Tom_Boucher
6 Bronte Barbe @BronteBarbieee
7 Edward Stevens @eh_2602
8 Tim Prottey-Jones @TimProtteyJones
9 Robert Colvin @RCOLVIN_
10 The Stagey Brigade @StageyBrigade
11 Toria @pixieinthesky
12 Abigail Ramsdale @AbigailRamsdale
13 Sam Lathwood @Slathwood
14 Leah @aielish
15 Jay Perry @MrJayPerry
16 Becks @becksrosen
17 Ben Yates @BenjaminYates1
18 Rhiannon Chesterman @RhiannonSarahC
19 James Gant @Jamesgant
20 Chris Lew Kum Hoi @ChrisLewKumHoi
21 Anne Edwards @AnneEdwards83
22 Alex Wadham @AlexWadham
23 Bobbi McGlade @Bobznbits
24 Ricky Zalman @RickyZalman
25 Emma Smith @vlbemma
26 Katiee Louise Monks @KatieeMonks
27 Lilly Roberts @MsLillyRoberts
28 West End in Concert @WestEndconcert
29 Nicholas McLean @NickMcleanUK
30 Emma Jane Morton @Emma_JaneMorton
31 Brad Benson @BraddBenson
32 Dave Bagnall @DaveChaos
33 Stephanie Sen @StephanieSen
34 Oliver Biles @OliverBiles
35 Joseph Richardson @MrJoeRichardson
36 Lawrence Stubbings @LarryStubbings
37 Yana @YanaPenrose
38 Louise Olley @LouiseOlley
39 Anthony NW @Anthonypoa
40 Lyndsey Holmes @Lyndsey_h
41 Rachel Dashwood @R_Dashwood
42 Lucas Hare @Lucas_Hare
43 Claire Greenway @Clairegreenway
44 Jack Harrison-Cooper @JackNCooper
45 Melanie Bright @Melanie_bright
46 Owain Gwynn @owaingwynn
47 Sian Marr @MissSianM
48 Catherine Morefield @CatMorefield
49 Lee Dilon-Stuart @LeeDillonStu
50 Lewis Barnshaw @LewisBarnshaw
51 Laura Teahan @LauraTeahan_87
52 Philip Guille @Philip_Guille
53 Ben Irish @bencirish
54 Alexa @AlexaLaw179
55 Jenny Ell (Antill) @Jenny_L_Ell
56 Rhiannon Oliver @rhicatjam
57 Hywel Dowsell @hyweldowsell
58 Nick Len @nicklen90
59 Rebecca Cooper @BexthurstCooper

*We hate disclaimers.  However, just in case; ‘Free tax return covers a personal tax return to a maximum value of £300. Alternatively, this can be offset against a fee for limited company accounts.’

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