On The First Day Of Christmas My Accountant Gave To Me

The Theataccounts elves have been hard at work granting wishes made on the #TheataccountsStar…


At the start of December we asked for your help to make some Christmas wishes come true, and thanks to you we’ve been able to spread the festive magic far and wide.

We asked you to tweet your Christmas wish to the #TheataccountsStar between 1st – 20th December and we passed them all on to the elves who have been very busy making them come true! Here’s some of our highlights all wrapped up…

On the first day of Christmas my accountant sent to me…

Lyndsey wished for a lottery win
. Of course the elves can’t guarantee a winning ticket (otherwise they’d all have retired to a private island by now!) but they did send her a lucky dip.

There were some hungry reindeer that needed a helping hand from the elves. The Frogs Class at Mersey Academy all the way in Hull wished for some help with their class enterprise project. They sold tickets to their reindeer stable at their Christmas Fair so the elves sent them some reindeer snacks to help out, and they sent some lovely comments back to the elves on their class blog.

On the third day of Christmas Tigz was in need of some pampering and some hard working boyfriends needed a treat! We sent Tigz to a spa for the day so she could put her feet up, Melanie wished for a massage for Mark and Gemma wanted to treat her man to a movie night, and the elves were happy to help. Delivering ice cream was the hardest challenge yet but we knew they could do it.

The elves were a bit sulky on the fourth day because they couldn’t get themselves tickets to see Adele in concert, but they did send Kane an Adele CD. They soon cheered up again when we sent them off to deliver some treats – prosecco for Daniel and prosecco for Lewis. Well we do like to keep them busy.

The friendly folks at the Actors Guild also pitched in to give the elves a helping hand – we teamed up to renew Ricky’s membership for 2016, so he has a whole year ahead to enjoy his wish.

Danielle told the elves that she needed a bit of cheering up to ease her back into the real world when her job ended, so they sent her a little pick-me-up to see her through. We’re glad it put a smile on her face.

Oliver and Samuel decided to bring back retro board games with their wish. The elves sent them Risk, so they’ll be plotting world domination this Christmas!

Ziggie was feeling a bit under the weather so we hope some fluffy slippers and Christmas CDs from the elves helped get her through – they threw in some throat sweets and tissues too. Feel better soon Ziggie!

And finally, there was one very happy panda backstage with these interval treats!

Thank you to everyone who made a wish and helped us spread the word about the #TheataccountsStar!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas

Alex x

PS – if you haven’t got your tax return information to us yet, get a move on. Nobody wants to be on the naughty list!

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