A Star Appears

Will your Christmas wish come true?

If you could wish for anything, what would it be?

Our Theataccounts elves are well known for working their magic on all your tax returns, but they love to spread a little festive cheer at Christmas time too.

Jiminy Cricket taught us all to wish upon a star and if you are lucky it might just come true. Well, this Christmas make your wish on the #TheataccountsStar and our little elves will see what they can do!

We’re no fairy godmother, so we can’t help you win the lottery (but we could send you a ticket like we did for Lyndsey!)

They love to give our Christmas treats and spread some cheer. Look at just some of the wishes they granted last Christmas…

There is one gift that the elves were reluctant to give up (they were too busy playing with it themselves)…but Oliver and Samuel asked for a Nerf Gun battle and the elves made it happen!


Thanks to @Theataccounts Christmas Elves we were finally able to battle. @samuelclayton1  #nerfwars #headshot #TheataccountsStar pic.twitter.com/DXBXxNoTYK

— Oliver Biles (@OliverBiles) December 18, 2016


So if you need a Christmassy coffee or some sweet treats to get you through a show, your Granny’s got her eye on a Christmas jumper or your housemate needs a haircut, tweet your wish to the #TheataccountsStar and it might be lucky!

We can’t promise to make them all come true, but our elves will work their magic.


Tweet us your Christmas wish using #TheataccountsStar between 1 – 20 December and watch this space for some festive magic.

Help spread the Christmas cheer by telling all your friends and family too.

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