Feedback from our client survey

We love our clients and we love our job. However, we feel that there is always room for improvement, which is why our recent survey results are important to us…

We received hundreds of responses from current clients (more than expected) and I have personally read every single one of them.
The driving force behind us sending the survey was so we can continue providing you with the service you deserve.
We are always growing and we want to continually improve our service and we can only do this by taking on feedback and doing something with it. We really appreciate the time taken by those who completed the survey. Thank you!

The main highlights for us were;

  • 99.5% of you would recommend us. This is amazing and makes us very proud. We are going to work on the 0.5% though.
  • A huge majority would describe us as; very reliable, extremely helpful and super friendly.
  • 75% would use an app if we created one – we’re working on this.

We are proud of the results and the testimonials that were sent in. The team had a good laugh at some of the things that made you cry with laughter. Some can’t be repeated here! You know who you are 🙂

Some of our favourite answers to ‘What changes would you make to Theataccounts’ were;

  • Nothing, the service is perfect.
  • I wouldn’t change a thing!
  • Nothing – Theataccounts does all I need.
  • Nothing, you guys rock!
  • I’m a complete **** when it comes to tax. If you didn’t do it for me, I’d probably be done for tax evasion.

Of course, as well as positive feedback there were some very useful ideas, suggestions and constructive comments. Some requests we already have in place and some we are working on. A few common questions were;

  • Live chat function – we already have this on our website in the bottom right hand corner. You can use it at any time, it’s great!
  • Skype meetings – we already use this, but we are going to update our website to make this clear. In the meantime, if you would like a Skype call, let us know and it can be arranged.
  • Bookkeeping spreadsheet – we have stayed away from giving out spreadsheets as we are aware a lot of other accountants do it and a lot of you end up doing all of the work. We are happy to send one to you if it makes your life easier, but it is not always a necessity.
  • Helpsheet – we have been working over the last few weeks on providing an informative helpsheet that we can send out with hints and tips to help you with collating information etc.
  • Communication – the vast majority of people were very happy and complimentary on how we communicate but there were a few comments with regards to how we issue reminders, who are the main points of contact, naughty list emails etc that we are looking in to. It’s tricky at times as 999 people may be happy with something and 1 person not. We still want to fix it for the one person and we will.

There were a few more in depth questions that came in and we will come back to you indvidually on these points.

If anyone has any questions or feedback that you would ever like to discuss with us, we are always happy to speak to you. We are here to help. You can call, email, livechat, tweet, skype… just let us know.

Thanks again, have a great weekend.


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