Below is a selection of the most Frequently Asked Questions.  If your question isn’t below or if you require further information, get in touch and we will be happy to help.

We work exclusively with clients in the entertainment industry and we like to keep things simple for you.  We are a perfect match for anyone who wants an accountant who understands the world of entertainment.

Registering as self employed can be a tricky process.  You can do it yourself online, or you can choose to let us complete it for you.  When you join us as a client we do not charge for helping with this.

Absolutely not!  We are happy to chat through any initial questions you have without charge.

We do hear this a lot but it really is true, we are pretty fantastic!  Once you have joined us as a client you will see for yourself 🙂

Most definitely!  You will not be the first or last for that matter to tell us this.  Hundreds of clients come to us because we take care of the things they don’t know about (and don’t need to know about).  It’s what we do!  Once you join us as a client, you will never look back!

It varies from client to client with regards to the information we need from you.  We will talk you through exactly what we need in order to help you most.  We aim to make it as simple as possible for you to keep your records in check!

Nobody likes hassle.  Moving to us is easier than 12 x 3 – 7.  There is one piece of paper you need to sign and we handle the rest for you in a professional and courteous manner.  There’s no need for any awkward conversations with your previous accountant either.

We are exceptionally well priced for the service you will receive.  Get in touch with us for a tailored quote to suit your needs.